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October 2013 – Downtown Design

2_IMG_6656 2_IMG_6660 2_IMG_6669 2_IMG_6741 2_IMG_6752 2_IMG_6835 2_IMG_6841 2_IMG_6870 2_IMG_6985 2_IMG_6997 2_IMG_6999 2_IMG_7050 2_IMG_7063 2_IMG_7175 2_IMG_7199 2_IMG_7219 2_IMG_7317 2_IMG_7373 2_IMG_7431 2_IMG_7465 2_IMG_7515 2_Joakim De Rham, managing patner at Swiss Bureau Interior Design 2_Journalists and photographs during the Dowtown Design press call reunited on Bolon flooring of conference room. 2_Maja Kozel of Maja Kozel design taking picture of Bolon Wings wall installation 2_A peak at Bolon installation works through the conference room glass wall. 2_A view trough the crowded conference room glass framed by Bolon Studio collection of Wings on floor and wall. 2_Bolon preferred installer nominated and trained by UBM to perform meticulous installations of Bolon flooring in the region 2_Bolon Wings from Bolon Studio collection - A special pattern started from the floor and extended to the wall in the area hosting the UBM Bolon stand at the fair 2_Cristina Romelli & Ora Ito during panel discussion 2_Designers Examining Bolon Studio Hexagon miniature shapes 2_IMG_00000232 2_IMG_00000242 2_IMG_00000278 2_IMG_6597 2_IMG_6603 2_IMG_6630 2_IMG_6650 vista photo gallery creatorby v6.1